What Is the Interamerican Scout Foundation?

The XII Interamerican Scout Conference, held in Santiago, Chile, in 1980, created the Interamerican Scout Fund to establish a long-term capital base to support Scouting in the Americas. In 1994, the fund was converted into a separate legal entity as the Interamerican Scout Foundation, a nonprofit U.S. (Texas) corporation. The foundation's primary purpose is to support the Scouting movement in the Americas so that a greater number of young people may benefit from the Scouting program.

The initial goal for the foundation is US $1,000,000, which will be obtained largely through donations from individuals, businesses, foundations, and Scout activities. The capital will be permanently invested, and only the income generated will be distributed to support Scouting.

Additionally, the foundation will also accept non-cash donations, the income from which, together with the income from the foundation's capital fund, will be channeled directly to the Interamerican Scout Region.

The administration of the foundation is the responsibility of the board of trustees elected by the Interamerican Scout Committee. The Interamerican Scout Committee is an advisory body of the World Scout Organization and of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the Organization of American States.

History and Structure

The history of the Interamerican Scout Foundation begins in the late 1970s, 15 years prior to its incorporation. In that year, the Interamerican Scout Committee, under the leadership of its chairman, Gale Johnston of the United States, recognized the need to establish a long-term source of funding for the Interamerican Scout Region. Each member of the ISC present at that meeting reportedly contributed the contents of his wallet to establish the Interamerican Scout Fund.

From its legendary beginnings until 1986, the Interamerican Scout Fund grew slowly to a total capital of approximately $53,000.00. In that year, fund committee member Peter Pessoa of Brazil proposed the creation of a planned giving program called The Order of the Condor. Under the leadership of ISC chairman Juan Niemann of Guatemala, who also served as chairman of the Interamerican Scout Fund, the corpus grew to over $200,000.00 by 1992. In that year, Raul Aguilar of the United States became chairman of the fund. After the fund was incorporated as the Interamerican Scout Foundation, Mr. Aguilar also served as the foundation's first president. Under his leadership, the fund/foundation grew to over $550,000.00 by May 1999. As of December 2011, the foundation's corpus stands at $667,279.36.